Faculty180 is a centralized location for faculty to store their research interests, record of teaching, publications, presentations, works of art and creative expressions, institutional and professional service, and awards and honors.

Faculty can access the system through Gibson Online by clicking Interfolio under Services.



Faculty180 Training

The following training videos are available to help users navigate Faculty180:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Faculty180?

Faculty180 is an Interfolio module for faculty activity reporting. In 2019, Tulane adopted Faculty180 as its faculty activity reporting system, replacing Digital Measures.

What happened to my Digital Measures data?

All data in a faculty member’s Digital Measures profile was migrated over to Faculty180. Activities that weren’t able to be directly mapped to sections in Faculty180 were placed in sections entitled “Service (Historical)” and “Research Currently in Progress (Historical).” Please check those sections to see if any of your Digital Measures data was migrated to those sections and then be sure to move that information into the appropriate Faculty180 areas.

Where is the Teaching data in Faculty180 coming from?

Course information for the past 5 years has been populated from Banner, the University’s student information system. If there are errors in this information, please contact Jessica Shedd at jshedd@tulane.edu to work to have the information corrected.

Where is my Personal Information, Current Position, and Education information in Faculty180 coming from?

This information is being populated from the University’s human resources data system. If there are errors in this information, please contact Jessica Shedd at jshedd@tulane.edu to work to have the information corrected.

Do I have to fill out every section in Faculty180?

No. Depending on how you intend to use Faculty180 may determine which areas to complete within Faculty180. If Faculty180 is being used to create a full CV, then it is likely that most, if not all, sections should be completed. If Faculty180 is being used to populate a faculty website, at a minimum the sections that you want displayed on your website should be complete. For Annual Review purposes, each School determines which sections are included in their process, so faculty will want to be sure they know which areas to complete.

How is this information being used?

Information in Faculty180 will be used for a variety of purposes and is intended to prevent faculty from having to report the same information to multiple people in multiple formats and systems throughout an academic year. The information will be used by each of the Schools for Annual Reviews, by faculty to create CVs and to populate a faculty website (TU Sites), by Schools and the Office of Academic Affairs and Provost for recognition of faculty work, and to meet a variety of university and program accreditation requirements.