Sabbatical / Academic Leaves of Absence

Effective Fall 2016, sabbaticals and academic leave requests will be handled through Interfolio rather than through a paper process. To request a sabbatical or academic leave, please contact your dean's office to request a case in Interfolio.

Please note that faculty in the School of Liberal Arts should not use Interfolio but instead use the SLA electronic leave request form, located here:

Sabbatical Policy
(Last updated 9/29/2020)

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FAQs for Sabbatical Requests

1. Q: What is a sabbatical?
A: A sabbatical is a paid leave granted "for the primary purpose of enhancing the value of the recipient's further service to the University and his or her profession through the media of study, research or publication undertaken to improve pedagogical techniques, solve administrative problems, or broaden the scope of one's knowledge in his or her chosen field."

2. Q: Which faculty are eligible for sabbatical leave?
A: All tenured faculty in the university, including tenured faculty in the School of Medicine, who meet the criteria to request a sabbatical are eligible to request a sabbatical leave. Criteria are defined in the Faculty Handbook.

3. Q: Are faculty who meet eligibility for sabbatical leave guaranteed a sabbatical?
A: No. All requests for sabbatical leave are subject to review and approval by the faculty member’s department chair and the dean of the school. Final approval for sabbatical leave is granted by the Provost.

4. Q: How are faculty salaries paid during a sabbatical leave?
A: While on sabbatical, the ‘base salary’ for the faculty member is paid from a university benefits pool.

5. Q: If faculty granted a sabbatical leave continue to conduct research that is funded externally, does he/she continue to draw budgeted salary support from the grant?
A: Yes, if the research work on the funded grant continues during the sabbatical, base salary support for the faculty member will be drawn from the funded grant.

6. Q: Can faculty on sabbatical still receive summer support?
A: Yes, if the faculty member is on a 9-month contract, he/she can receive summer payments for teaching summer school, running a summer program, summer salary from a sponsored grant account, etc. Faculty on 12-month contracts may not receive summer support while on sabbatical.

7. Q: Will faculty granted a sabbatical leave be allowed to retain the title(s) and incomes from endowed professorships and/or endowed chairs during the sabbatical leave?
A: Yes, as long as the proposed work during the sabbatical leave is aligned with the endowed professorship/chair resolution.

8. Q: Will faculty granted a sabbatical leave be allowed to retain the title(s) and stipends for administrative positions (e.g., directorships, associate dean)?
A: Generally speaking, no. The purpose of the sabbatical is to focus on the scholarly activities and engagement with release from other duties.

9. Q: How do I request a sabbatical?
A: Sabbatical requests are submitted through Interfolio. Please contact your dean’s office for assistance. The School of Liberal Arts has a separate system for requesting sabbaticals.

Last updated October 1, 2020.

A PDF version of FAQs for Sabbatical Requests.