Oliver Fund Award for Excellence in Faculty Mentoring

Tulane University recognizes the mentoring process as an essential component of professional development and institutional success. Faculty mentoring offers both institutional and individual faculty benefits. From an organizational perspective, professional mentoring has been shown to increase institutional stability, promote the retention of valued employees, support the preservation of institutional capital, and encourage cultural diversity. Individual mentees gain important institutional insight, professional development, increased job satisfaction, and improved probability of career success. The Oliver Fund Award for Excellence in Faculty Mentoring seeks to recognize the commitment of senior faculty members to the success of junior faculty and the institution as a whole.

The Oliver Fund Award for Excellence in Faculty Mentoring, established in 2013, is dedicated to recognizing senior faculty for their commitment to excellence in faculty mentoring. The award will be given on a bi-annual basis beginning in May 2013. The next award will be given in 2023.

Past Award Recipients

Dr. Michael Cunningham
Department of Psychology
School of Science and Engineering


Dr. Dennis Kehoe
Department of Classical Studies
School of Liberal Arts


Dr. Jiang He
Professor and Chair
Department of Epidemiology
School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine


Dr. Molly Rothenberg

Department of English
School of Liberal Arts


Dr. L. Gabriel Navar

Professor and Chair
Department of Physiology
School of Medicine

Eligibility Criteria
  1. All full-time Tulane University faculty.
  2. Nominees must have held Tulane University faculty appointment for at least three years.
  3. Faculty must have served as an exceptional faculty mentor to one or more Tulane University faculty members

The award candidate may be nominated by an individual faculty member or group of faculty members.

The nominees will be reviewed by a panel of Tulane University faculty members. The Oliver Fund Award for Excellence in Faculty Mentoring committee will submit a prioritized list of candidates to the Provost. The Tulane University Senior Vice President and Provost, Robin Forman, will approve the final selection.


The Oliver Fund Award for Excellence in Faculty Mentoring will be awarded every other year beginning in May 2013. The award recipient will be notified by May 1st of the award year. The award recipient will receive a medal and a $5000 monetary award.

Once awarded, the Tulane University faculty member awardee is ineligible to receive the award for the three subsequent years. 

Required Nomination Materials

The nominating party must submit the following as part of the Online Nomination Packet:

Required Item Directions
Oliver Fund Award for Excellence in Faculty Mentoring Nomination Form Nominator & Nominee Information
Letter of Nomination No more than 2 pages - single spaced
Completed Mentor Table Table of faculty who have been mentored by the nominee including field of mentoring, approximate dates of mentoring, and current position of each junior faculty member. 
Curriculum Vitae for Nominee  Make sure CV is up to date
Curriculum Vitae for Primary Nominator Make sure CV is up to date
Up to 5 Additional Letters of Support  Compelling nominations will include up to 5 additional letters of support (including those from current or former mentees) and documentation indicating contributions made by the nominee through the mentoring process.

Coming soon for Academic Year 2023-2024

Contact Us

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Professor of Medicine
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Associate Provost for the Health Sciences
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Program Manager
Faculty Development and Mentoring Initiatives
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