Department Chair Resources


Department Chairs are essential in the design and implementation of mentoring approaches for faculty. While each department has a unique set of circumstances to consider in designing mentoring plans, there are aspects of departmental leadership in this area that can be informed by experience and scholarship. The links below provide access to practical resources for department chairs on mentoring, departmental climate, and faculty retention.

"How to Help New Faculty Settle In: Common Problems and Alternative Solutions." University of Michigan. (pdf)

    Includes Establishing a Lab; Student Support; Start-up Packages; Child Care; Dual Career; Course Assignments; Classroom Authority and Teaching Evaluations.

"Enhancing Department Climate: A Chair's Role." University of Wisconsin-Madison. (pdf)

   Includes recommended actions for enhancing department climate and "tools" for effective leaders.

"Mentoring New Faculty: Advice to Department Chairs." Marjorie A. Olmstead, University of Washington. (pdf)

   Instructions on setting expectations, facilitating resource acquisition, research and teaching facilitation, reducing impediments to success               

"Creating a Positive Departmental Climate: Principles for Best Practices." University of Michigan. (pdf)

   Using principles of transparency, uniformity, and assistance, outlines best practices for such topics as: hiring and negotiation, providing information, mentoring, review & tenure policies, and collegiality.