The University Senate Committee on Research, in conjunction with the Provost’s Office, provides up to $10,000 in fellowships to support research activities by faculty. Allowable expenses include summer salary (9-month appointees only), graduate student support, travel, supplies and minor equipment. These fellowships start on June 1 and ends May 31 of the following year.

Faculty members, particularly those in fields that emphasize sponsored research, are strongly encouraged to use these funds to undertake activities that would help them submit competitive proposals for external funding or develop new collaborations, particularly in multi- and interdisciplinary directions. 

All full-time, regular, tenure-track faculty are eligible to apply, though preference will be given to faculty in the first three years of their appointment at the time of application and to more advanced faculty who are initiating new areas of research. It is anticipated that approximately ten awards will be made annually. Complete application instructions are listed below.

Application Process

In order to be considered, applicants must:

  • Submit an application [supporting documents included in the application are 1) 4-page proposal 2) itemized/detailed budget 3) 2-page CV]
  • Have their dean or department chair submit a short recommendation on their behalf to by the application deadline

COR Research Applications for 2024-2025 are now open. Applications are due by Thursday, February 15, 2024.


***Please look for communications regarding deadlines for this grant at the beginning of December each year.

Review Process

Applications will be reviewed by members of the COR Fellowship Subcommittee utilizing the following evaluation criteria. The breadth of school representation on the COR Fellowship Subcommittee will ensure that proposals from all departments and programs will receive thorough and discipline-appropriate reviews.

50% Proposed Activities
What is the novelty of the proposed work?  Will the proposed activities help achieve the stated goals?  Will the activities increase the visibility of the faculty member?  Is the proposed work likely to lead to further discipline-appropriate funding? If so, from what source?  What are the barriers that exist to the current success of this project?  Is the project timeline reasonable?

25% Faculty Development
Is the faculty member early in his or her career?  How will these funds benefit their professional advancement?  What is the likelihood that this project will improve the faculty member’s professional visibility?  Will these funds help establish a mentor-mentee relationship with a graduate student?

25% Proposed Budget
Are the proposed expenditures reasonable?  Will the proposed expenditures help achieve the proposed outcomes?  The Committee on Research will make recommendations to the Provost, who will announce the award winners.

Fellowship Process

A 6-ledger account will be established in the name of the fellowship recipient, who will have signature authority to utilize the funds in a manner consistent with the proposed budget. All expenditures must adhere to university policies and guidelines; e.g., equipment purchased with these funds becomes the property of Tulane University. Faculty should account for benefits when requesting summer salary,  fringe benefits will be taken from the 6-ledger account. Only faculty with 9-month appointments are eligible for summer salary payments. No permission is needed for re-budgeting of funds, but all expenditures must be accounted for in the final report.

Reporting Process

By the end of the award period, fellowship recipients are requested to submit a progress report that includes a brief, but informative, summary of the work supported by the award. Specific accomplishments such as scholarly publications or proposals submitted should be enumerated. Comments about the effectiveness of the fellowship program, adequacy of the support so provided, and any improvements that might be made in its administration and implementation are also welcome in this report. A summary of budget expenditures must also be submitted.  An acknowledgment of Tulane’s Committee on Research fellowship should be included in any publication that results from the research accomplished during the fellowship period. The Provost’s Office would appreciate receiving copies of such publications.