Undergraduate Activities Fund

Applications for the Undergraduate Activities Fund (UAF) will open on the 1st day of the semester, closing 10 days later. Please note that each class requires its own application.

Fall 2023 application cycle is now closed.

The goal of the UAF is to promote ongoing interactions among faculty and students - especially those early in their college careers - beyond the traditional in classroom instruction.

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Examples and Guidelines

Examples of UAF funded activities include:

  • Setting up a special out of class time zoom meeting with an outside guest(s) on a topic that is germane to the class and fun for the students. The "fun" part is crucial here - this should not be just another lecture.
  • Field trips that can be done via streetcar or city bus to sites of relevance for the course.
  • Events outside, say in Audubon Park.


  • UAF funds cannot be used or the purchase of alcohol or equipment.
  • COLQ and TIDES classes are ineligible for funding.
  • While we welcome guest speakers, there are some limitations. If they are an international speaker (possibly doing a Zoom session) they will need to have a US domiciled bank or a banking institution that will cash US based checks. Due to the amount awarded, wire transfers are not an option.
  • We highly encourage all faculty members to use their T&E card in lieu of their personal credit cards.

Faculty members can work with their Department Administrators to process a reimbursement through Concur. It is highly encouraged that Faculty members use a T&E card for these expenses. If the Faculty member does not have a T&E card, inquire with your department.  

Upon completion of the Concur report please contact the Office of Academic Affairs for accounting codes in order to allocate correctly. Please note: the faculty member is ultimately responsible for building and submitting their expense reports in Concur within in a timely fashion, as per university policy. Reports submitted past 45 days or outside of the semester the funds were granted in, will not be honored. 

Please note: the reimbursement process has different requirements if you are paying a guest speaker or honorarium. Contact aapops@tulane.edu with questions regarding the applications, reimbursement, or general award questions.